Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 9th.

Sunday 11th.

Saturday 10th. CFA


Saturday 10th. CFA
Saturday 10th.

The day was cold with a North East wind and drizzle, which is another alternation of the temperature in a short space of time. I went to town and found myself having very little leisure. At the Office, a succession of persons. Mr. Walsh, Mr. N. Curtis, Mr. William Spear and a man by the name of Hartwell whom he brought with him about digging a well for me. Mr. Ayer also called and promised to furnish me the statements he was making next week on Tuesday. Hartwell who has now an abundance of employment and can find no time to do my work also engaged to answer on Tuesday. I had also a good deal of money to draw and pay out, besides purchasing a bill on France to transmit to Mr. Johnson his Quarter’s Income, and despatching a letter to go by the New York and Havre Packet of the 14th.1 I thus was fully engaged until the time for returning home.

At dinner today, Mr. and Mrs. Lunt, Elizabeth C. Adams, Mrs. Adams, Miss Smith and Joseph H. Adams. A sort of notice of the birth day of Mrs. J. Adams and her daughter Fanny. The one is thirty and 91the other six.2 Time passes over our heads with much rapidity now. My next birthday will count the same number. After dinner Mr. and Mrs. Lunt spent the afternoon. Conversation various but not very interesting. They went at dusk, and we played afterwards a game at Whist, that is Miss Smith, Miss Adams, Mrs. J. Adams and myself. The two former returned home at eight after which my evening occupation as usual. Looking into Loudon.


To Thomas B. Johnson, LbC, Adams Papers.


Of the Adamses mentioned, Mrs. TBA had with her, her son Joseph Harrod and her daughter Elizabeth Coombs; Mrs. JA2, a widow since 1834, had Georgeanna Frances with her.