Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 23d.

Sunday 25th.

Saturday 24th. CFA


Saturday 24th. CFA
Saturday 24th.

My wife went into town this morning in the Carriage which was going for the purpose of bringing back Mrs. John Adams who has been spending some days at Medford with Mrs. Angier. I had wished to go in myself but concluded otherwise as the time is growing shorter and 100my father being unwell places all the burden of getting ready a copy of the Eulogy upon me. I therefore worked pretty steadily all the morning not even reading as is my custom Livy or stopping to see some visitors who came from town to see the ladies of the family.

In the afternoon I went up the hill as usual. The men are still busy at their work but struck off an hour before sundown in order to return to Boston for Sunday. I went over to the Quarries where I saw Dutton had begun a road in earnest. Hardwick appears to have abandoned his attempt. Returned home and wrote steadily the greater part of the afternoon and evening.