Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Saturday 24th.

Monday. 26th.

Sunday 25th. CFA


Sunday 25th. CFA
Sunday 25th.

Morning clear and windy. I was occupied in writing most of my time not devoted to the usual duties of the day. Attended divine service and heard Mr. Brooks of Hingham preach from Matthew 9.29. “According to your faith, be it unto you.” Upon faith, the necessity and virtue of it.

At dinner, at which Mr. Brooks was by invitation, my father happened to make an allusion to Mr. Lunt’s preaching upon the same subject last Sunday which was taken in a clean contrary sense from that intended. Mr. Brooks appeared to regret or to dread the coincidence and after telling us the Sermon was in two parts and he meant to have given the second in the afternoon but should not, we found he resorted to his memory for a Lecture he must have lately given upon Education. Isaiah 54. 13. “And all thy children, shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of thy children.” An abstract from Mr. Victor Cousin’s report upon the state of education in Prussia1 and an exhortation to teach more through the heart and less through the head and to teach religion more than reasoning.

Read a discourse of Dr. Barrow upon Revelations 11. 17. “O Lord God Almighty,” on the attribute of omnipotence, and the duties incumbent therefrom upon us. A good discourse but one which I was hardly able to read very thoroughly, having to devote much of my time to working on the copy.


A translation of Victor Cousin’s treatise in French had been published in London in 1834 as Report on the State of Public Instruction in Prussia.