Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 25th.

Tuesday 27th.

Monday. 26th. CFA


Monday. 26th. CFA
Monday. 26th.

Clear and windy day. I remained at home most of the morning busily engaged in copying the remainder of the Eulogy which I finished a 101few minutes before dinner. I do not know that upon any thing of late I have worked more steadily. The practice of writing is one to which I have familiarized myself and yet to go on so steadily for so many days makes my wrist ache. I again omitted reading Livy in consequence. But having got through, in the afternoon I walked up the hill to see the well diggers who are still busy upon their water search without yet finding enough. They are becoming restless and complain of the long search. From thence I went to see if Hardwick was doing any thing and to get him to sign an agreement if he was but not finding him on the spot I went to Colburn’s ledge to get an answer respecting the Stone. They wanted more precise information respecting the dimensions. I agreed to furnish them as soon as I could. From thence I went to the Canal and lumber yard and made a final agreement with them about the timber for the frame but did not conclude upon the boards. They spoke to me also of some brick which they would be able to supply. Home. Evening my father read aloud to the family most of his Eulogy.