Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 4th.

Thursday. 6th.

Wednesday. 5th. CFA Wednesday. 5th. CFA
Wednesday. 5th.

This was the first morning since our return home upon which it might be really said to rain. A heavy North Easter prevailed all night with very heavy rain. Of course I was kept at home all day and was glad of it for it enabled me to do much work which was on hand to be finished. I drew up the Leases both of Carr and of Chadwick and prepared them in all respects for execution. I also arranged a receptacle for the assorted papers of my grandmother where I think they will remain, waiting for the rest. Read Livy, finishing the twenty ninth book. And passed a good deal of time in drawing up a form for an Address 108for Mr. Everett, but it would not do. My pen runs very heavily in the cause. Read a little of President Goguet, but my regular attention to literature will hardly commence before my return to town. In the afternoon, the weather cleared, but too late to do any thing out of doors. The sunset is so soon after dinner as to render the afternoon of little value. In the evening the family played Whist, but I had felt the want of exercise all day and was not quite well. I therefore sat out and looked over Hitchcock’s Report upon the Geology of the State which I consider a book very deficient in method and in thoroughness.1


Edward Hitchcock, Report on the Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, and Zöology of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1835. A copy is in MQA.