Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 5th.

Friday 7th.

Thursday. 6th. CFA Thursday. 6th. CFA
Thursday. 6th.

Clear but cold and blowing a severe Northwester. I rode into town notwithstanding the discomfort which was great. The first portion of my morning devoted to the collection of the various Dividends due at the commencement of the Quarter and to the entries in my books consequent thereupon. Afterwards, Mr. Everett came in and we had much conversation upon political matters. He requested my decision upon the Address and I told him I would write one if the party would think it satisfactory but that I could dash into no radicalism nor into any praises of Jacksonism. He said he supposed I could avoid both. He asked my opinion of his writing and I gave it him but in a qualified and subdued form. Called to see Mr. Brooks and had a call from Mr. Curtis who wished me to draw a Deed by Saturday which I concluded to do at once. Home to Quincy.

Afternoon to the Quarries again where I found Hardwick busily at work upon the place he selected where I think he will remain. Concluded my agreement with him. I then went to Dutton’s and had a few words of difficulty with him as to his right of passage out. These men are so keen, they require incessant watching. Home. The ladies had been to Boston and I stopped on my return at Mrs. T. B. Adams on business. Quiet evening.