Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 6th.

Tuesday. 8th.

Monday. 7th. CFA Monday. 7th. CFA
Monday. 7th.

A most lovely day which made me regret that the family had not improved it. I thought I would go out and see them for the last time there this season and enjoyed my ride very well.

I had some Commissions to execute, in regard to seeing about my lumber respecting which the men are exceedingly dilatory. I called at the Landing and they made apologies enough without however satisfying me. They now promise for the end of this week but I doubt. Dined 127with the family who are busy in preparation for departure. Transacted business with my father who has enabled me to go in my financial affairs without uneasiness by means of the Checks. I have thus been released from the consequences of buying the Boylston Market shares when I had not funds to pay for them.1 I will not be caught in such a scrape again.

After dinner home. Found my Wife better decidedly. Evening quietly reading Grahame. Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham spent an hour and I had some conversation with him upon religious schisms of late occurrence. He gave me information respecting them.


CFA, both for his own and JQA’s accounts, had for a number of years added to their holdings in the Boylston Market. See the indexes in vols. 4 and 6.