Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 7th.

Wednesday 9th.

Tuesday. 8th. CFA


Tuesday. 8th. CFA
Tuesday. 8th.

The morning opened cloudy but mild and portending a fair day. I went to the Office for a short time and to the Insurance Office to read the news. The returns of the election in Pennsylvania appear to indicate a reaction in public opinion since October and a more favorable state of things for the opposition.1

I called at the house for my little boy John and took him with me down to the Railway where I found my father and all the family had arrived. They appeared in tolerably good spirits and soon moved off in the rear of the puffing engine.2 I returned home unaccountably depressed in my spirits. I have enjoyed the company of the family more this year than I ever did before and have had a kind of occupation in my doings at Quincy which have kept me much amused and happy. Now to come back to this blank, desolate place is altogether cheerless. I have no friends at all here in whom I put any confidence.

Home where I saw Mrs. Angier, then to the Office, where I did very little. Livy as usual, and in the afternoon, occupied with Grahame. Evening at home.


Partial returns from the presidential election in Pennsylvania showed Harrison in the lead except in Philadelphia and Montgomery counties (Daily Advertiser, 8 Nov., p. 2, col. 1).


JQA, accompanied by family and servants, was returning to Washington for the opening of the second session of the 24th Congress on 5 December. The first stage of the journey was by rail to Providence (Diary).