Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 22d.

Thursday. 24th.

Wednesday. 23rd. CFA


Wednesday. 23rd. CFA
Wednesday. 23rd.

Pleasant morning. I went to the Office and occupied myself in Diary which I have at last brought up and hope now to keep up.

Politics still a little in the wind. Mr. Van Buren carries North Carolina, but he appears to lose Georgia. His escape has been a narrow one. I could not help thinking that perhaps my course had saved him his election. When Mr. Hallett’s mind was balancing I acted upon it. He in his turn acted upon the Antimasonic party here, the party refused to go into a National Convention and thus chilled the action in Pennsylvania. Had a National Convention nominated Harrison, he would have carried Pennsylvania and that would have settled the question. Thus it is that great events spring from little causes. I do not at all repent of what I have done, but what I may do is a matter for serious consideration. Talked with Mr. A. H. Everett a little. Nothing further.


Home, Livy. Afternoon Grahame whose book pleases me more and more. Mr. T. K. Davis came to tea after which according to agreement I went to Charlestown with him to pay a visit to Governor and Mrs. Everett. We found them much as usual. It is not a house I take pleasure in at all, and when we rose to go, I was glad. But it is due to them to say that we were treated with great politeness. An hour of Grahame.