Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 23rd.

Friday. 25th.

Thursday. 24th. CFA


Thursday. 24th. CFA
Thursday. 24th.

Pleasant day. I went to the Office and very nearly completed the arrears of my Diary. Mr. Walsh came in and afterwards Mr. Ayer who showed me the drawings for the various parts of the work, in the inside of the House. I discussed the points with him and arranged respecting the cost and payment for the lumber required. I think him a trustworthy workman but not a very economical one. He however is perfectly honest and only requires checking in season. He kept me until nearly dinner time.

I went home, read Livy. Received a letter from my Mother in answer to mine.1 She appears well and in pretty good spirits. Afternoon, reading Grahame into whose third volume I have now got. This is the new part of his work in which he melts his separate account of the States into one continued history, and it is a portion of our history with which I am least familiar.

Evening at Edward Brooks’. One of the family meetings at which all in town were present except my Wife. It was dull as I think they are for the most part. No diversion, no occupation, talk among people who do not agree upon any common topic excepting the most uninteresting ones. Home early. My Wife decidedly better today.


See note to entry of 17 Nov., above.