Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

December. 1836. Thursday. 1st.

Saturday. 3d.

Friday. 2d. CFA


Friday. 2d. CFA
Friday. 2d.

My cold appears to be coming on very gradually but decidedly. I thought I would nevertheless go to the Office and follow my work as usual. I wrote my Diary, balanced my books for the month and looked over the account for lumber sent me by Mr. Spear of Quincy, from the Company. On examination I found more to complain of than I had expected.

In all matters of dealing in the Country, it is important to stick to the terms, but they are apt to refuse it. I dislike these differences about them more than any thing else. Mr. Ayer came in and I showed him the account, after comparing which, I inquired about the agreement with Mr. Robbins and found there was none. Such is the honesty of 141people. Mr. Ayer is a clever man but he will not advance much in the world. I took a walk with Mr. Walsh and then home. Livy.

Afternoon, reading Grahame. I think there must have been intention on his part in leaving out so entirely all notice of my grandfather. Perhaps as he comes down he partakes the democratic prejudices. I know not how else to explain it.

In the evening after my Wife had retired I read Voltaire’s Zadig. An extremely amusing tale, perhaps the best of that Author who for the most part disfigures his wit with coarseness and impiety.