Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 2d.

Sunday. 4th.

Saturday. 3d. CFA


Saturday. 3d. CFA
Saturday. 3d.

I felt very poorly all day today. Something seems yet to go wrong. To Market thence to the Office where I was occupied as usual, in accounts and so forth.

The political returns come in with exceeding slowness but they now look better for Mr. Van Buren than they did. He will probably have a few spare votes over and above what will suffice to elect him. Well, what is it to me? Is my position any better? I do not see how. Politics present but a very poor field at present for any body’s gleaning. No questions of principle.

Received a letter from T. B. Adams at Tampa’s Bay informing me of the transmission of money which if it comes will be very opportune.1 Home after walk with Mr. Walsh. My little girl had received a hurt in her eye and was suffering under it, and I was myself in a state of suffering. Read Grahame. And in the evening resumed Lamartine to my Wife. After which, Micromégas,2 and one or two smaller tales.


See the entry for 13 June, above; the letter from Lt. Adams is missing.


Another of Voltaire’s “philosophical romances.”