Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday 31st.

Thursday. 2d.

February. 1837. Wednesday. 1st. CFA


February. 1837. Wednesday. 1st. CFA
February. 1837. Wednesday. 1st.

Damp, misty day. I went to the Office as usual. My numbers upon the Currency come out now more rapidly than I can supply them. This is owing to the sickness of Mr. Hallett at Washinghton which prevents his writing. I am disappointed when I read them printed, and yet they contain no little thought and some investigation. At any rate, they amuse me and furnish opportunity for wholesome occupation of mind.

Mr. Walsh came in and one or two others. Occupied in Accounts, and afterwards in making purchases of little matters. Home Livy, the breaking out of the war with Perseus of Macedon in which we should always remember we are reading the Roman account.

Afternoon, read the rest of Buffon’s Account of Man. On the whole 177very interesting, but being somewhat behind hand I concluded to write a portion of another article on the Currency. I thus was enabled to get one ready before I went to bed. Evening, Schloss Hainfeld finished, and the Countess of Blessington whose conversations are very amusing.