Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

February. 1837. Wednesday. 1st.

Friday. 3d.

Thursday. 2d. CFA


Thursday. 2d. CFA
Thursday. 2d.

Morning clear and mild but gradually becoming colder. I went to the Office. Amused by the letters from Washington. They give an account of the investigating Committee coming across General Jackson in a most amusing manner. The old man is despotic to the last. His government has done much to strengthen the Executive branch which previous events had weakened, and it may be supposed he has thus considerably added to the duration of the system. Yet it is agreeable to get rid of him. One breathes easier under the idea of a responsible President. At the Advocate Office to leave another number, where I found Mr. Everett. Talk about this letter.

Stopped in at a meeting of Middlesex Canal Directors to organize, found it was all done. Mr. Burril came in with an eloquent appeal from his wife about the House. She has the fancy for grandiloquence and is yet a very smart, active woman. I replied briefly stating that her husband was entirely in fault. His delay had caused the trouble. I should sustain Mr. Spear’s decision.

Had company to dine. Edward Blake, E. Quincy, W. G. Gorham and T. K. Davis. Venison and a peacock. I name the dish for it’s singularity. Pleasant party, which broke up at seven, and shortly afterwards, I went down to Mr. Brooks’ to a small party. The Inches family. Mr. and Mrs. Paige, the Dehons and a few others. There was a small supper very handsome and tolerably pleasant. Home in very good season.