Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 2d.

Saturday. 4th.

Friday. 3d. CFA


Friday. 3d. CFA
Friday. 3d.

Morning colder than usual. I went to the Office as upon every day. Mr. Beale came in with a petition or I should say a subscription for an Organ in the Meeting House at Quincy. I subscribed because I was obliged to follow suit with the rest. J. Quincy came in at the same time about a house for Mr. Lunt. He had written to my father and received an answer by which he refers the whole subject to me. I told him that the letter appeared to refer to a sale of land but his object appeared to 178be to procure it as a gift.1 He said that it did, for without being understood upon this point, he could not present to Mr. Lunt’s immediate friends any adequate motive for exertion. I told him I would take the responsibility of assuming that the land would be given. He then said he would write to Mr. Hedge and Mr. Parsons. I had a call from Mr. Walsh and then to see Mr. Brooks. Home, Livy. Afternoon, Burnet, rather heavy. Evening Lady Blessington after which I wrote until quite a late hour. The press now goes on faster than I do.


LbC of JQA’s letter to Josiah Quincy IV of 23 Jan. is in the Adams Papers.