Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 3d.

Sunday. 5th.

Saturday. 4th. CFA


Saturday. 4th. CFA
Saturday. 4th.

Morning cold. I went to the Office but was not very much occupied. Mr. Walsh came down and we talked about my papers. He said he agreed with them but intimated that if I wanted to produce any effect with them I must introduce more clap traps.1 My mind is a little too much in abstraction. But in writing upon such a matter as finance and currency it would seem as if the proper mode would be to introduce no figures. Took a walk and then home. It is now some time since I have heard from Washington. I do not know what the reason of this is. Livy.

Afternoon reading Burnet and studied a little of Plutarch. Nothing worthy of remark. Mr. Brooks came in to tea and passed part of the evening. The rumor is general in town that Mr. Webster is about to resign his situation in the Senate. This may have a very considerable operation upon events. It may accelerate the political revolution of this State, or it may bring round the event alluded to by Mr. Dutee J. Pearce in his letter to Mr. Everett.2 We shall see. I afterwards nearly completed another paper upon the Currency.


“Claptrap 1. (with pl.) A trick or device to catch applause”( OED ).


See entry for 30 Jan., above.