Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 26th.

Tuesday. 28th.

Monday 27th. CFA


Monday 27th. CFA
Monday 27th.

Cloudy. I felt slightly unwell all day. The approach of Spring appears to have rather an unfavourable effect upon my Stomach. I hope when I get upon a course of exercise in riding to Quincy I shall do better.

Office. Nothing new. Mrs. Kirk came in and we had some talk about arrangements at Quincy. My mother writes to my Wife today that there is no immediate prospect of their moving.1 Walk with Mr. Walsh.

Home to read Homer, in which I made progress. Afternoon Plutarch, Burnet and Forster. Nothing out of the common way in either. I am on the whole pretty comfortable at present and seek not much farther to disturb myself with unnecessary anxieties. Evening, continued Moore’s Life of Byron a very interesting Biography. After which I continued Wraxall who is quite full upon the famous struggle of the Coalition.


Letter missing.