Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 27th.

Wednesday. 29th.

Tuesday. 28th. CFA


Tuesday. 28th. CFA
Tuesday. 28th.

The winter is at last passing off and we are experiencing the humidity of the Spring. Today was foggy but warm. I called upon Quincy again about the canal matter but he was not in. Office where I passed my time in my usual duties.

Called in to see T. K. Davis and speak to him about Mr. Frothingham’s opinion of the criticism of the piece of Ion as written by him for the Courier.1 I had neglected to read it and therefore asked him for a Copy. He said he had none but would try and find one.

Walk with Mr. Walsh, and then to the State House to see Quincy. Met Mr. Hallett with whom I had a few minutes talk about the Reso-214lutions of the Legislature respecting Slavery. Each party is striving to outgo the other upon it. Homer. Afternoon as usual. Burnet, Plutarch and Forster. Evening, Moore, after which, Wraxall, finished, and Montbarey.


From 15–20 March at the Tremont Theatre, Ellen Tree starred in three performances of a new tragedy, Ion, by Sergeant Telfourd. The Boston Courier printed two communications about the play and its presentation, one on 24 March (p. 2, cols. 3–4) signed “A Lover of Literature,” and the second on 25 March (p. 2, cols. 3–4) signed “D.” and probably by T. K. Davis.