Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 2d.

Tuesday. 4th.

Monday. 3d. CFA Monday. 3d. CFA
Monday. 3d.

Day cloudy with occasionally heavy rain. I went to the Office as usual and was very much occupied in Accounts. Mr. Leighton called and I explained to him the whole difference between his partner and myself. I told him that if he was prepared to say I was wrong and his partner was right, that I would then pay the whole amount of the bill. He said he was not so prepared, that he knew nothing of the transaction, never having authorized his partner in the requesting a discount and not being prepared to allow it to him or to me. The fact is, Robbins was charging himself with the money to meet private engagements of his own. The man is cut out for a Rogue. Mr. Leighton left me saying he would talk with his partner. I transacted a good deal of business usual at the commencement of a Quarter. Home late.

Afternoon, at home, Burnet, and Plutarch. Nothing material. Evening at home reading Moore. Quite a pleasing specimen of biography, and one worth attending to. Afterwards, writing.