Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 3d.

Wednesday. 5th.

Tuesday. 4th. CFA


Tuesday. 4th. CFA
Tuesday. 4th.

Uncommonly cool for the season but clear and pleasant. I started very early in the morning with Mr. Walsh in company to go to Quincy. We reached there shortly after nine and I went immediately up on the hill to observe what they were about. Two or three workmen were engaged in getting out the frame, but it looked cold and cheerless and wet about the place. They grumbled a little, but it may make them hasten their work. I then went to the Bank and drew the Dividend upon my Shares and my father’s, then to the House where I warmed myself and showed Mr. Walsh the remarkables. Then came time to return and I had an hour at the Office for business. But I lost my Homer.

Afternoon reading. Our family a little deranged by the dismission of my man which I was compelled to resort to on Sunday to my regret. Changes in a house are always so disagreeable. Burnet. He is a little 218tiresome however. Began Wieland’s Agathon which I brought from Quincy with me,1 and made an extract or two from Montbarey into my book of generals.2 Evening at home. Read Moore a little, but my cold is still such as to make reading a little unpleasant. Afterwards, amused myself with Wieland’s Agathon but rather fatigued.


There is no copy of Christoph Martin Wieland’s Agathon (1766–1767) at MQA.


The extracts copied by CFA into one of his “commonplace books” have not been found.