Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 6th.

Saturday 8th.

Friday. 7th. CFA Friday. 7th. CFA
Friday. 7th.

The weather being clear, and on the whole quite agreeable I decided upon starting as soon as possible for Quincy. So after one or two necessary purchases, I succeeded in getting off before nine. My ride was tolerably pleasant and I found W. Spear waiting for me. We went over the ground where he is to run his fence and I explained to him my wishes as well as I could. Found Kirk at work upon removing the earth which is now practicable, and the men have made much progress in framing. They have now the lower floor fitted and he complains of delay from Mr. Ayer which I agreed to see rectified. I then went round to see the gardener and make my terms with Kirk, all which being accomplished I returned to town.

Things looked a little more in the way of vegetation today and cheerful. Called round to see Mr. Ayer as I went home but not finding him, I called again immediately after dinner at his shop and left word with his man.

Home, a little of Plutarch and Agathon. Evening, reading Moore’s Byron, finishing the first volume and the account of his unhappy marriage. I admire the Poet and sympathize with the man, but yet I feel the probability that she had very good grounds for the step she was advised to take. Wrote a little.