Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 7th.

Sunday. 9th.

Saturday 8th. CFA Saturday 8th. CFA
Saturday 8th.

Clouds, heavy rain and thunder and lightning morning and afternoon, which struck the steeple in Hollis Street and set it on fire. I went to the Office where I was occupied much of the morning in accounts. This is a season of the year in which they are very voluminous. Mr. Ayer called in about my message which I explained to him. He appeared to have been himself under a misconception, and promised correction and to go out himself on Monday. I advised it myself.

Received letters from Shepherd1 and my father.2 The former advises 220me to remit to the Barings on Mr. Johnson’s acct. which I shall do forthwith, and tells me he complains of me which I do not admire. My father wants money and must have it.

Home. Reviewing the first book of Homer. Afternoon, wrote to my father in reply,3 also a letter to Mr. Johnson,4 and reading Agathon. My wife went to Cambridge to the funeral of her relation, Miss Rebecca Parks, who died somewhat suddenly the other day,5 and did not return until late. Mr. Henry Chapman of Greenfield, a member of the Legislature now here, made a long visit for the first time. A rather superficial and pompous man but apparently goodhumoured.


The letter from Resin D. Shepherd is missing.


4 April (Adams Papers). Unable to anticipate any payments on moneys due him in Washington, JQA was without funds to make the journey to Quincy. That journey he was ready to make, Congress having adjourned. He consented to CFA’s plan for reducing his indebtedness, but rejected CFA’s offer to lower his compensation.


CFA to JQA, 9 April, LbC, Adams Papers. A promise to meet the immediate requirements with the current month’s collections, as soon as made, and with an advance from his own funds.


To T. B. Johnson, 10 April, LbC, Adams Papers.


Apparently, a daughter of ABA’s aunt, the late Mrs. Warham Parks (Rebecca Gorham).