Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 13th.

Saturday 15th.

Friday. 14th. CFA Friday. 14th. CFA
Friday. 14th.

Morning cloudy with slight showers which happened at times through the day, but it cleared by night. I determined notwithstanding to go to Quincy and started at about nine o’clock. It looked threatening at first, but I was the more induced to it as I had every sign of an incipient head ach and concluded nothing would save me from it but the air and exercise. I found the work all in progress. Mr. Spear was there setting the fence, and he had already moved the wall. The framers were going on very actively. I superintended the transplantation of a fir from the place below, and then returned home in time for my Greek.

Afternoon, Plutarch, copying another letter to Mr. Johnson to send as a duplicate,1 and Wieland’s Agathon. My head improved instead of growing worse so that I was by evening perfectly well. A circumstance I attribute to my exercise of the morning. Read Moore to my Wife and afterwards finished the 1st. of Wraxall.


16 April, LbC, Adams Papers.