Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 14th.

Sunday. 16th.

Saturday 15th. CFA


Saturday 15th. CFA
Saturday 15th.

Morning clear and indeed on the whole the finest day we have had this year. I went to the Office as usual, where I was engaged in Accounts. Nothing of any consequence. Bankruptcies are now occurring 224here daily. The crisis appears to have truly arrived, and this has a tendency rather to strengthen my statements, and my tendency to prophecy which I would not indulge. Although I hinted. My Pamphlet has on the whole met with a flattering reception in private circles, although denied any public notice. I am indifferent about every thing but my reputation, which I desire to fix upon a firm basis. And in this light I need not be ashamed of either of my matured productions. The reputation of the race rests in my generation with me. Let me keep this ever in mind, as well for doing as not doing.

Mr. Everett and Mr. Walsh both came in and we had miscellaneous conversation. Home, to read Homer. Purchased by chance today a Greek and French Dictionary by M. Planche which I put to use directly and immediately derived the advantage of it in greater distinctness of idea. The wonder is that Greek was ever learnt or taught through the intermediate Latin, which itself is a labour.

Afternoon, went to South Boston for the purpose of finding a Nursery, which I understood to be there, but it was only a green house and I had a long walk for nothing. The weather and the prospect however paid me. Home. A visit from J. Q. Adams Jr. who has just got home from a long cruise.1 He looks fatter but in other respects not much changed. Evening at home, Moore, and Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame.2


John Quincy Adams (1815–1854), a son of TBA, called “JQA Jr.,” had received a naval appointment in 1834; see vol. 5:390.


Neither Planche’s Dictionary nor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame is at MQA.