Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 17th.

Wednesday. 18th i.e. 19th.

226 Tuesday. 17th [i.e. 18th]. CFA Tuesday. 17th [i.e. 18th]. CFA
Tuesday. 17th i.e. 18th.

I arose quite early for me, in order to make a seasonable start to Quincy, which I effected and arrived there by nine o’clock. Found things much less advanced than I had expected. The men appear to be dilatory, but this I suppose, is the usual way, they go on. I was engaged in transplanting several trees which remained to be moved from the nursery and plot near the old house. Deacon Spear appears to have done pretty well with his work. Although the expense of these things frightens me when I look at it.

We waited some time for Mr. Ayer who did not get out until late and then a discussion arose respecting the underpinning which was about to be set. It appears that a misconception of the plan took place and the stone has not been cut to fit. In order to rectify it, I returned to town for the purpose of seeing Mr. Sparrel. Called and left a message. After dinner, called and found he had redrawn his plan, which I took myself to the Stage house to be returned. This consumed much of the afternoon, the rest devoted to Agathon.

Evening to Mrs. Ignatius Sargent’s, a party of children upon the birth day of young Master who is one year old. Louisa was one of the guests, and they had a dance. After this was over, some elder people played Whist, and a small supper closed the evening. Home rather late.