Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 17th i.e. 18th.

Thursday. 19th i.e. 20th.

Wednesday. 18th [i.e. 19th]. CFA Wednesday. 18th [i.e. 19th]. CFA
Wednesday. 18th i.e. 19th.

I went to the Office. I continue circulating my pamphlets as much as I can and the extraordinary distress which pervades the Community has had a tendency to bring it more into notice. Mr. C. P. Curtis sent me yesterday a polite request for a copy to preserve and another to send to an eminent legal friend in Virginia. This is a compliment from a quarter where I little expected it. I sent him an equally polite answer with six copies which he may perhaps think more than he bargained for. Occupied in Accounts all the morning.

Went home early for the purpose of dining, and accompanied by Mr. Walsh I again drove to Quincy. Being anxious about the underpinning and the sending of my plan. Found them actively at work making preparations. I was myself engaged very busily in the Setting of the trees received from Mr. Brooks. I placed them as favorably as I could but it is difficult merely from conjecture to know how they will be adapted to the views from the House. The work was so long that I did not get through until sundown, and we did not get away until later 227so that it was nearly nine when I reached home. Mr. Walsh took tea with me and my wife did not herself come in from Medford until after it. Finished the first volume of Notre Dame.