Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 22d.

Wednesday 24th.

Tuesday. 23d. CFA


Tuesday. 23d. CFA
Tuesday. 23d.

Morning clear and somewhat pleasant. I rode to town and found the roads in as bad condition as they commonly are in March. Office. My principal business in town was about money. The payments for rent &ca. are so slight that I am entirely without means, and I therefore concluded to resort to a Bank and make a loan which I accordingly did. The President was very accommodating and I thus obtained means to get rid of all my principal debts remaining for Acct. of the House. This was a great relief. The remainder of my time was passed in executing Commissions of various sorts, for Quincy.

Returned to dinner. Nothing new. Afternoon went up to my House. Mr. Adams was fitting in the Pump which was nearly done. This is an important thing out of the way. The workmen are now going on as rapidly as the weather will admit. But I am not fortunate in this part of the season. As I was passing over the portico, the heel of my boot caught in the joist of it, and I fell, severely straining my ancle. This sent me home pretty soon and pained me much, but I felt glad to get off with no permanent injury and learnt a lesson of caution. To bed early.