Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 23d.

Thursday. 25th.

Wednesday 24th. CFA


Wednesday 24th. CFA
Wednesday 24th.

The morning was fine but the elements were visibly gathering for another storm. I felt a little incommoded with my foot but not so much as I had feared and had good reason to suppose it would turn out no worse. Walked up to the House and watched the workmen in their various occupations. A great deal of work is going on at the same 249time and now our only trouble is the weather. After being there long enough for directions I returned and wrote Diary besides studying Homer. It is refreshing to me to be out of the turmoil of the city and to have my mornings, the most valuable part of my day, to myself.

Afternoon, I took my Wife out a little way to ride but she complaining of the cold I left her at Mrs. Adams’ and after going to Quincy point returned to superintend the removal of one or two trees. The rain came on as we were finishing, and Mr. Persico and another gentleman came out to see my father,1 who was not at that moment at home, so I was obliged to entertain them, then to go for my Wife who had already come down in Mr. Miller’s carriage. Evening quietly at home. Conversation and reading Tocqueville.


Luigi Persico, Italian sculptor, had taken a likeness of JQA in plaster in 1829. In 1837 a version in marble had been completed for presentation to the ex-President. JQA, however, feeling it inappropriate for him to accept the gift, suggested that it be presented to the Library of Congress. During the present month Persico had done so. For a full account, see Oliver, Portraits of JQA and His Wife , p. 160–165.