Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday 24th.

Friday. 26th.

Thursday. 25th. CFA


Thursday. 25th. CFA
Thursday. 25th.

The day opened darkly and we had pretty incessant rain until night. Of course I did not attempt to stir out, but this is not the most convenient thing for my house that could be imagined. I however accommodated myself as rapidly as I could to the state of things, sat down and wrote very fluently several pages upon my Essay on the Currency with which I felt pleased, and then read Homer and the Port Royal Greek grammar into which I am digging for knowledge of the language.

Afternoon Wieland, History of Abdera, a kind of satirical quiz, and Monsieur de Tocqueville who is the most philosophical writer upon government that we have at the present day. Evening at home. Copied a letter for my father and then Tocqueville again.