Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 25th.

Saturday 27th.

Friday. 26th. CFA Friday. 26th. CFA
Friday. 26th.

A high wind at North East with a heavy mist, but it dried afterwards and cleared at night. I went to town and had about as uncomfortable a ride as I well recollect. When I got there, I found plenty of occupation, first in arranging my little affair with the Bank which was not completed in my last visit, and then in one or two calls upon Tenants &ca. This took most of the morning, then home, the ride being less unpleasant. Afternoon, at the House where I found nobody working 250but the Masons, the carpenter having gone to town with his men in consequence of the rain.

Read a little of Wieland, a very amusing piece of jocosity, also, Tocqueville. The most singular error of whose book appears to be the statement that my father turned many people out of Office, when President. He must have been thinking of Jefferson. Evening, Conversation.