Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 26th.

Sunday. 28th.

Saturday 27th. CFA


Saturday 27th. CFA
Saturday 27th.

It was clear in the morning and remained so with the exception of heavy clouds occasionally passing over. I was at my house superintending much that was doing, though the overflow of water consequent upon the rains of the last week sets us back. From thence I went for the first time this season over to the Quarries and there found of the three only the lower one in operation. Dutton appears to have done much work there, but he seems now discouraged and talks of dismissing his hands and working only himself. The contrast is striking between the extraordinary impulse upon every sort of industry last year and the deadly languor which has taken place this. Neither betoken a healthy action of the monetary system in the United States.

On my return home, I wrote for a couple of hours and was pleased with the result. Afternoon Tocqueville and Wieland. The one for study, the other for amusement. Evening at home. Mr. and Miss Beale came in. I heard from town of the destruction of Mr. Ayer’s shop by fire, and apprehended the result to my things finishing by him. There seems to be reason to suppose, it was set on fire.