Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 30th.

Thursday. June 1st.

Wednesday. 31st. CFA Wednesday. 31st. CFA
Wednesday. 31st.

Morning very warm with the sun quite scorching and altogether the most summerlike day we have had. I went to the House and found them making very good progress in the various parts of it, but the expense of the undertaking somewhat alarms me. I began upon a scale of very great modesty, have resisted every proposition to increase expense as well as every idea of ornament and nevertheless here am I in a state of some uneasiness from overrunning my means. My only way is to meet it at once by a reduction of my capital which I shall do. I should not have had any occasion to have resorted to this if it had not been for the loss which I have experienced in my income by the state of the times.

Home where I was writing for an hour or two. Then Homer. Afternoon, visitors to my Wife, Mr. and Mrs. Lunt. We then took a ride, the country in a state of extraordinary beauty the result of the late warm days. Home. Read Wieland. Miss Smith came from town to spend a few days with us. Evening conversation, and Tocqueville. Somewhat fatigued.