Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 31st.

Friday. 2d.

Thursday. June 1st. CFA Thursday. June 1st. CFA
Thursday. June 1st.

Morning very warm with a thunder shower at noon. I remained at home, making a visit to superintend my House twice in the course of the morning. They get on fast now. But the rate of expense continues to make me uneasy. I am obliged to keep a constant check upon Mr. Ayer.

Home, where I wrote for an hour until I was much fatigued. I do not know whether I am quite equal to what I have undertaken. Read Homer. Afternoon, Plutarch and Wieland.

My occupations here are but varieties of study, yet they are a relief to me from the anxieties of life—the stretching and reaching, the fighting and lying, the envyings and contentions. I look forward with some hope to the moment when having the command of my own conveniencies for study, I shall be enabled to enjoy myself more fully.

Took a ride, with my Wife through Braintree and Weymouth. A little snug kind of a byroad which seems as if it was quite out of the world. Evening up to Mrs. T. B. Adams’. Found there Mr. and Mrs. Angier, Miss Miller, and Mr. Miller and several children of Mr. A’s school. My father and Wife and Miss Smith soon afterwards came in from a visit to Mr. John Greenleaf’s. We sat some time, and talked nothings, after which, home where I read some of de Tocqueville.