Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. June 1st.

Saturday. 3d.

Friday. 2d. CFA Friday. 2d. CFA
Friday. 2d.

Morning clear and very warm. I went to town, accompanied by my Wife. My time very much taken up in various commissions I was obliged to execute. In the first place, I went down about my glass for most of which I contracted at what I thought was rather an advantageous rate. I then went to the House, to Miss Oliver’s and to see Mr. Storm the Engraver about the pictures of my Grandmother and Mother which he is engraving.1 Thus went much of my morning. The rest was taken up in a disputation about rent with Mr. Ladd. He has held me out of a quarter’s rent for more than three months and now has brought me two or three long bills in way of sett off. I am very tired of having him for a Tenant, so I treat him with less ceremony than I should otherwise do. After finishing with him, I went over to the Office of Mr. Brooks and sat with him sometime, which made me a little later than usual at Quincy.

Afternoon at the House inspecting. They go on better since the dry weather, and I think in the course of five or six weeks they could now get through the main body of the work. Read a little of Plutarch and 254Homer. My Greek is getting to be rather a fancy. And I am gaining through the Port Royal Grammar much more insight into the language. Evening to see Mr. Daniel Greenleaf who is sick. Found him and his Wife alone and the former suffering much from a cough. Home soon. Evening, Tocqueville.


G. F. Storm, English engraver, was engaged to make engravings of C. R. Leslie’s portrait of LCA and Gilbert Stuart’s portrait of AA for Longacre and Herring’s National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans (Oliver, Portraits of JQA and His Wife , p. 64).