Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 11th.

Tuesday. 13th.

Monday. 12th. CFA Monday. 12th. CFA
Monday. 12th.

Morning clear and warmer than it has been although still cold. I went up to Mrs. T. B. Adams’ taking with me my little girl Louisa, who was to go from there with Mrs. Foster’s daughter to Miss Torrey’s school. I sat with Mrs. Adams some time conversing and then returned, calling at one or two places on my way, for various purposes connected with my House. I then went up there and passed some time quite actively engaged in laying the level &ca. for my grounds. The Masons are doing the last of their work for which I am very glad. Their work appears to me far the most tedious. After an hour of work, I then went home and sat down to Homer.

The rumor from town today is that there was a riot yesterday occasioned by the conflict between the Irish and the firemen which happened from an accident.1 Injury not yet known, but supposed to be considerable to persons and property. Our population is a singular one, full of agitation and the least cause appears to set it in motion.

Read fifty lines of the fourth book of the Iliad. Afternoon again at 260the House where Deacon Spear was setting my posts. So anxious about fire that I directed most of the shavings to be removed. Ride with my Wife round Milton village and the paper mills a very pretty road where are several very handsome residences. I grow more and more fond of the rural character of this place, especially as one approaches the magnificent range of the Blue hills. Home. Evening quiet.


A serious riot growing from hostility between Irish immigrants and Boston firemen occurred on Summer Street and spread to Broad Street. It was not quelled before the militia was summoned. There were injuries on both sides. In the face of widespread criticism of the actions of members of the fire department, a public meeting was held at Concert Hall and resolutions of support were passed (Daily Advertiser, 12 June, p. 2, col. 3; 11 July, p. 1, col. 6 – p. 2, col. 1).