Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 12th.

Wednesday. 14th.

Tuesday. 13th. CFA Tuesday. 13th. CFA
Tuesday. 13th.

My intention was to have gone to town today, but the clouds looked so very threatening that as my Wife was to go with me I held it wisest to postpone. There was no rain however.

At the House as usual superintending. My anxiety is principally about the expense. My carpenter requires the most rigid regulation for he has little or no judgment of his own. The experience I have now acquired would enable me to go over all this again much cheaper. But heaven protect me from doing so until I am far better prepared. To a man with superabundant means, building may be agreeable, but it can hardly be so to any one else. The idea of excess in expense is always very alarming, particularly where the danger of it is always great.

Home to read Homer fifty lines a day twice over. I then amused myself in throwing off a few of my notions upon Banking and paper which I purpose to send to the Quincy Patriot. This is not much of a place to put in more than a few notions for limited circulation. I do it only to keep myself in practice.1 Afternoon as usual. Finished the first volume of Wieland’s Abderites. I am getting tired of his constant wit. Evening, to Mrs. Adams’, where my wife was. Conversation for an hour and then home.


See below, entry for 17 June.