Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 26th.

Friday. 28th.

Thursday. 27th. CFA


Thursday. 27th. CFA
Thursday. 27th.

Morning fine. My father went to town and it had been my intention to have accompanied him, but having received an invitation which would carry me there tomorrow and next day, I decided not to go.

At the house giving directions about the grounds and then took a walk across the farm to examine the trees which might be growing in that vicinity with which it might be practicable to make an experiment upon Sir Henry Steuart’s plan. I found some and may feel disposed this year to make an experiment with one or two if I can rally a sufficient force. The quarries remain just as they have done. Went out upon the back road and home that way. Found there J. H. Foster and J. Q. Adams.

Read eighty lines of Homer, and Sir Henry Steuart’s book. Afternoon, the east wind which had been so cooling deserted us, and we had a hot calm. I rambled down to Mount Wollaston for the first time this season, and upon looking at the prospect from it, pronounced it far superior to that from the hill where I have fixed. Bathed at the beach and returned in time for tea. Evening at home.