Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 27th.

Saturday. 29th.

Friday. 28th. CFA Friday. 28th. CFA
Friday. 28th.

Warm. I went to town with my Wife. Occupied a little in Accounts but not much and found I had at last some leisure. Boston to a man who has nothing to do is a very uninteresting place. I was glad when the time came for me to call at Mrs. Frothingham’s for my Wife and drive to Medford.

We had been invited by Mr. Brooks to go on this day for the purpose of meeting the family all the members of which within reach, excepting Mrs. Edward Brooks were to be there. Sidney and his wife are making a visit, and this was the occasion of the meeting. It was more pleasant than usual as the members of the family are more separated during the summer months and it is therefore a novelty to be all together.


After dinner, there came on a shower of rain, and the various members of the family left until Mr. Brooks, Sidney and wife, and P. C. Jr. and Wife with ourselves were left alone. Pleasant conversation. In the evening, we had a thunder shower of some severity and the wind changed, turning cold and rainy. Retired early.