Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday 9th.

Friday. 11th.

Thursday. 10th. CFA


Thursday. 10th. CFA
Thursday. 10th.

I went to town this morning having received a letter from Mr. Hallett upon the subject of Mr. Kendall’s letter. He has put into his Newspaper an article which he calls explanatory, and he has written to me a substantial justification of the principle which I condemned. Yet there is in his tone so much of the despairing, so much of appeal to his ruined condition in case of the decision against his paper being made by the Proprietors at their present meetings, that I concluded to in-294form him of my suspending of hostilities until after the decision was made.1

My time was much taken up by commissions, and at the House, where I copied into my Letter book several of the letters that have passed in the correspondence. But I had interruptions without number from persons desiring to occupy the house in Hancock Street so that I was glad to get down to the Office again. But I had to call upon Mr. Brooks and then upon the hardware dealers to pick out the locks and other finishings which kept me much longer than I meant, so that it was quite two before I started to return home.

Afternoon as usual engaged in superintending. The men had finished the work I had marked out and I got them to plough down the hill below the cider house where we relied upon finding our gravel. In this we were not disappointed. Evening at Mr. Beale’s.


B. F. Hallett to CFA, 8 Aug., Adams Papers; Boston Daily Advocate, 9 Aug., p. 2, col. 1. If CFA communicated his feelings to Hallett in writing, the letter is missing.