Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 10th.

Saturday 12th.

Friday. 11th. CFA


Friday. 11th. CFA
Friday. 11th.

We have had cold Easterly winds prevailing for some time and occasional mists. I remained at home, busy in superintending my work. The road to the house is a matter which needs not a little reflection and I am striving to make it as little expensive as possible. Today my man Kirk was at work upon it alone. He has proved himself of great value to me this year by his steadiness and attention, and has saved me much in positive economy.

I had not much time for reading, but I copied one or two letters for my father. After dinner I rode to Braintree to see Mr. B. V. French who had sent a letter to me requesting a call, in order to make inquiry about resolutions and the probability of my father’s replying to them at the meeting which has been originated in this paper in Quincy to strengthen my father upon the Texas question. Mr. Richards another Braintree gentleman was there. The intention manifestly was to get me to give a draft of the Resolutions. Upon reflection and consultation with my father I had made up my mind to decline on the ground of the importance of the expression of opinion on the part of the District being free and unbiased.1 I stated this very freely to the gentlemen who were satisfied with it. The conversation turned upon Texas and the questions connected with Slavery during which I found that Richards was an Abolitionist and that French was rather tired of his Van Burenism although not decided to give it up. He is flitting about Abolition-295ism. My main purpose in going, to get out of French an idea of Hallett’s position was however not successful. I left them and returned home with a ride. Evening, conversation with my father rather warm upon the currency.


The resolutions as framed, the convention of representatives of the towns of the 12th Congressional District called to consider them, and JQA’s address to the convention are the subjects of the journal entry of 23 Aug. in JQA’s Diary.