Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday 18th.

Sunday. 20th.

Saturday. 19th. CFA Saturday. 19th. CFA
Saturday. 19th.

Morning clear after a warm fog, which portended a hot day, but the wind came to the eastward and prevented it. I made my usual visit to the House which will not be finished today as the carpenter had expected. There is now however so little to be done that I am not detained long, and I returned soon with a positive determination to sit down and do something in the way of a dissertation upon the currency. I began and wrote freely for an hour or two, only interrupted by a visit to the water for the purpose of bathing which was refreshing.

After dinner I never find that I write to please myself, the ideas come with more labour and with far less neatness in words. Finished the second volume of Humboldt’s New Spain which has much valuable information respecting the Northwest coast. Evening at home. Loto with the children who thus pass an hour quietly.