Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 24th.

Saturday. 26th.

Friday 25th. CFA


Friday 25th. CFA
Friday 25th.

I remained out of town today in consequence of going yesterday. The surveyor came out again for the third time and went over the remainder of the work with the plastering which he measures and values also. I had intended labouring hard upon my writing all day but as has happened so often, found the necessity of my superintendence in the formation of the north corner of the bank.1 I also walked down to the Canal for the purpose of making an explanation to the lumber dealers. Thus passed the whole morning.

After dinner, Mr. Field held an auction upon my premises of all the remnants and the superfluities which I did not know how to dispose of otherwise. The expense of moving them was an object to be avoided. The things sold on the whole pretty well.

I spent part of a broken afternoon in reading the second volume of Simon le Borgne which I think by no means equal to the first, although shewing the same general characteristics. There were visitors—Joseph H. Adams and Mr. Newell. Nothing however that was remarkable. Evening at home. Loto with the children as usual.


The terrace on which the residence was set.