Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday 25th.

Sunday. 27th.

Saturday. 26th. CFA


Saturday. 26th. CFA
Saturday. 26th.

I was at home all day and occupied in working a great part of the time in assistance to Kirk in making the Bank and shaping out the walks as I want them. The men are removing very rapidly all the in-303cumbrances and I am preparing to make the last finishing round the house. This is a work of time and of expense. I am almost discouraged by the extent to which I have had to go and even now see little harbour.

At noon, T. K. Davis came out as he had promised and as he wished to go to the house, I accompanied him and we sat there for some time looking at the prospect with which he was much struck. Few people expect much and that is perhaps one of the reasons of their gratification. He dined with us, and left at about five. Thus my time was pretty much engrossed, and again I did nothing upon my work. These long interruptions discourage me.

Evening at home. Read Dr. Channing’s pamphlet upon Texas.1 A production which does him much credit in my estimation.


In A Letter to the Hon. Henry Clay, Boston, 1837, William Ellery Channing had strongly opposed the annexation of Texas to the United States. JQA’s copy is at MQA.