Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 29th.

Thursday 31st.

Wednesday. 30th. CFA


Wednesday. 30th. CFA
Wednesday. 30th.

The morning hot and damp, with showers, but after dinner the wind changed to the Eastward and we had rain. I was at the house some time superintending but there is not much left to require my constant attendance and I must recollect I have other duties.

Some time was passed in the other house in arranging the books left by my father in confusion. But the day was so oppressive I concluded to defer it. Read a little of Homer and some of Lessing and Humboldt. Tried to work in the road a little but got wet through and was obliged to come in.

Mr. DeWint who is our guest at present, went with his family to Commencement at Cambridge. I dislike these things so much that it is the heaviest request that can be made of me to go. Mr. D. made none. He returned home late and I sat up later than usual. I waste much time.