Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 30th.


Thursday 31st. CFA


Thursday 31st. CFA
Thursday 31st.

Morning cool and windy. I went to town and was occupied at my Office most of my time in accounts. Paid one or two bills and made a call upon one or two persons.

A. H. Everett came in by accident and sat down for some time. The result of the election in Rhode Island much surprised the Community and shows a change in public sentiment rather ominous to Mr. Van Buren.1 The question now is as to the election of Speaker in the House, and the parties are very closely drawn. Mr. Everett appears to 306 image hold on to the hope of keeping up his party determination. He has no other resource. He talked somewhat of Texas and Abolitionism, also of Mr. Hallett’s difficulties which are represented to him as settled. I told him that I thought his paper could not last six months. The result of this conference convinces me that we are no longer upon the same track. Mr. Everett has made his jump and if he comes on his feet will laugh at my sagacity.

Called on Mr. Brooks. Nothing remarkable. Home. It had been my intention to go to Cambridge to the ΦBK celebration but Mr. Everett’s visit prevented. At dinner, E. C. Adams and Eliz. DeWint with her father. I was occupied upon the books at the other house and for a short time at my own. Lessing. But my studies have become irregular. Evening, writing after playing a round game with the ladies.

Thus closes another volume of record of my little eventful life. Perhaps I shall never have the patience to toil over the pages, and they may have been work thrown away. Yet habit is such a master that if I was to omit my daily Diary at this time, I should imagine myself to be losing one of my strongest supports in correct conduct. And whether it is or is not read by me or others hereafter is of very little consequence in comparison.


Whig candidates in Rhode Island had been elected by decisive majorities (Daily Advertiser, 31 Aug., p. 2, col. 1).