Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 12th.

Thursday 14th.

Wednesday 13th. CFA Wednesday 13th. CFA
Wednesday 13th.

I went to town this morning and the cold north wind reminded me of the approach of Autumn too forcibly to be mistaken. My time was taken up in accounts and commissions. Went to the house where I met my Wife who came in with my mother in the Carriage, and I took my little girl Louisa to the Dentist to remove a tooth.

This over, which cost me as much as it did her, I went back and called upon Mr. Brooks. Conversation with him about Stanwood’s affairs and Mr. Johnson’s Mortgages.1 He advised me to see Mr. Appleton. The rest of my stay in town was taken up in dispatching a remittance on Mr. Johnson’s Acct to the Barings. This detained me a little.

Afternoon passed entirely at the house superintending the remainder of the work, of which there does not at least appear to be much. Evening with the children playing Loto and afterwards writing the tenth draft of an article upon the Currency.


Acting on the advice of Peter C. Brooks, CFA had invested a part of T. B. Johnson’s money in a mortgage loan to Lemuel Stanwood; see vol. 6:343, 349.