Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday 13th.

Friday 15th.

Thursday 14th. CFA Thursday 14th. CFA
Thursday 14th.

A clear fine day. I was at home spending my time in much the usual way. The town was quite alive with a military Review which took place, but I only saw from my house what was passing. Read a hundred lines of the eighth book of the Iliad and sat down with more perseverance to writing. But why should I write without object? What good is to be expected from any effort of mine? My time is better employed digging the earth—as I do in the afternoon for amusement at my hill.

The political news from Washington is somewhat singular. There are rumors of a secession by Mr. Calhoun and his friends to Mr. Van Buren. This will be a damper to the expectations of the Whigs not by any means amiss and it will at the same time go far to consolidate their party upon better principles than have heretofore prevailed. Elizabeth 315DeWint spent the day here. Evening Loto as usual. The night was cold and reminded us of the advance of the season.