Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 24th.

Tuesday. 26th.

Monday. 25th. CFA


Monday. 25th. CFA
Monday. 25th.

Singularly clear the sky remains. No sign of moisture to revive the earth. On some accounts this is very well for my digging a drain, and on others not so well. I must balance the one against the other. I spent not much time upon the hill, but devoted myself somewhat to reading the account of the voyages to the North west and north east. They show a great deal of matter which may be used and some of it with great effect, but they also extend the field somewhat beyond my original intention. If I go on, I must be very industrious.

Afternoon, I find not very useful. My boy John took some of my time, he being at home alone, the Nursery woman having left us today. Mr. Hardwick called in the evening, said he had seen Governor Everett who had declined delivering a Lecture on the ground of the multiplicity of such applications. He again applied to me and asked for the selection of a time. He said the people here would be as glad to hear me at first, as any one. I told him that I would see about it, that it must depend upon the collection of my materials, if I could get them ready early enough it would perhaps suit me better to give them soon. To do a thing of this kind as well as I wish, is no mean undertaking. Evening at home. Lady Montague, whose letters are characteristic enough.