Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 25th.

Wednesday 27th.

Tuesday. 26th. CFA Tuesday. 26th. CFA
Tuesday. 26th.

I went into town this morning. My time much taken up, first in a visit to the Athenaeum where I found several of the works of which I was in quest, and then to my house. At this place was a lady waiting to see me about the House in Hancock Street, whom I accompanied there, and we spent some time discussing the repairs. She left without positively engaging and at the same time imposed upon me all the risk and responsibility of the repairs. This is the usual way. I returned to 322the office and from thence to see Mr. Brooks who told me Stanwood’s affair was in process of settlement.

I returned to Quincy only satisfied that I must go in again tomorrow. Afternoon at my house where they have at last set to work upon the drain in earnest. The extent of the labour however dispirits me. And now I seem to have a good deal of work in these Lectures. Evening, after playing with the children I read some of the Maritime discovery in the North of Lardner1 and commenced a Draft.


Rev. Dionysius Lardner, popularizer of science, and editor of the Cabinet Cyclopaedia, 133 vols., London, 1830–1849.