Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 16th.

Wednesday 18th.

Tuesday 17th. CFA


Tuesday 17th. CFA
Tuesday 17th.

A clear and absolutely hot day reminding one of July in October. I went to town where my time was engrossed much as usual. At Hancock Street where I am directing the workmen and at my own house where they are finishing the work of the Furnace. At the Office Mr. Whiting called and brought me his bill for the last work upon quite a good scale. I paid it and desired that he would make his arrangements to settle the final ones.

Call upon Mr. Brooks about the affairs of Mr. Johnson which are now soon to be settled. Thus the hours flew and it became time to return. The Afternoon was taken up in harrowing a part of the ground in front of my house which was well done and is the only thorough work about the ground which has been done. Evening at home.